Acne Is a 4-Letter Word

Lately I’ve gotten a TON of inquiries about acne. In my post “Acne and Your Gut,” I talk about the influence a healthy diet will have on acne, but I don’t really get into treatment options. In this post, I will give an overview of different treatments for different types of acne. This is not a replacement for a visit to the dermatologist. If you are suffering from acne, it is a good idea to get the advice of a dermatologist.

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Acne is an inflammatory condition of the skin typically caused by either hormone fluctuations or an overproduction of oil that clogs the pores when it combines with dirt, debris, and dead skin cells causing an infection. Great! So how do you get rid of each type of acne and keep it from coming back?

It is my opinion that while you can control hormonal acne with good professional skincare products and regular facial treatments, long-term clearing requires one of three options. One, you can wait it out to see if your hormones balance out on their own. Two, you can address it with birth control pills or hormone replacement. Or three, you can physically treat the sebaceous gland with a technology called AGNES RF (more explanation to come).

There are pros and cons to each option. Waiting it out means tolerating the acne indefinitely, but no medications to take or painful treatments. Hormonal interventions can take a few tries to get the right fit and dose. They can cause mean mood swings and pigment changes in skin, but they can also be a game changer with very little effort or discomfort. Using AGNES RF to destroy sebaceous glands can be quite painful and may require multiple treatments, but this technology has the ability to treat all types of acne, is permanent, and allows the patient a medication-free option. AGNES RF is the only device on the market of its kind. It uses radio frequency delivered via needle directly into the pore to destroy the sebaceous gland.

Acne that is not hormonally driven often requires a combination of treatments including good home care and professional facial treatments. If that doesn't get the job done, your dermatologist may prescribe topical prescription creams or gels. More aggressive approaches are to prescribe a long term, low dose antibiotic, such as Doxycycline. When all else fails, isotretinoin or Accutane may be the best bet. Accutane should be a last resort, and you should do plenty of research and give much consideration before you decide to begin taking it. The side effects can be quite serious.

However you choose to treat your acne prone skin, a healthy diet is still recommended. Stay away from internet hacks such as toothpaste, egg white masks, and other DIY remedies. Remember that if you over-dry your skin, it will backfire on you as the skin will begin producing more oil in order to keep cells lubricated so they can continue to function. Oil-free moisturizers are a great way to counteract all the drying acne-fighting ingredients you’ll need to use. I’m especially fond of Eminence Organic Skincare’s Clear Skin Probiotic Moisturizer. Just as probiotics taken internally will calm inflammation in the gut, topical probiotics will take down inflammation in the skin. And we already know that acne is an inflammatory disorder.

Acne no longer needs to be a dirty four-letter word. Armed with knowledge, you can take control of your skin’s health. If you are interested in finding out more about AGNES RF for acne treatment, you can contact me here via chat or direct through email with any questions or to set up an appointment for a complimentary Zoom consultation.

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