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You heard all about my good friend Scarlet in my last post, but now it’s time to meet her sister Agnes, AGNES RF that is. AGNES RF is a ground breaking technology that gives us the ability to achieve significant results without surgery. The device was originally developed in South Korea for the treatment of acne, but over two decades of research and development has led to one of the most versatile aesthetic tools on the market.

The secret is in the disposable sterile needle tips that are micro-insulated to protect the surface of the skin, and manufactured at different lengths and configurations to zero in on specific targets. The amount of power used, and the amount of time that power is applied to tissue can be adjusted for a customized protocol.

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One of the coolest applications for this device is its ability to destroy fat. You know how you have to hold your phone above your sight line so you don’t have a double chin? AGNES RF can take care of that for you! Not only does it sizzle superficial fat deposits away, but the radio frequency energy works to tighten the skin at the same time. Double chins don’t stand a chance against this magical machine! We can also target herniated fat pads under the eyes, and buccal fat pads (chipmunk cheeks) too. Unfortunately, it is not capable of melting away larger accumulations of fat on the body...yet. I had the honor of meeting AGNES RF’s inventor, dermatologist, Dr. Gun Young Ahn /M.D., Ph.D. this past September, and he assured me that he is continuously working on new tips, applications and protocols, so maybe in time we’ll have a treatment for body fat.

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Before now, you would need to have fat pads removed surgically or liposuction for submental fat (double chin). With AGNES RF, we are able to use topical numbing cream or small amounts of injected lidocaine to keep you comfortable and treat in-office. Fat destruction comes with some swelling, tenderness and bruising, so you’ll need to plan ahead for the downtime which can last a few days to a week.

AGNES RF is also great for treating superficial and deep wrinkles by building up the supporting connective tissues deep in the reticular dermis while stimulating an enormous amount of collagen production. Remember that collagen treatments take 3-6 months MINIMUM to make visible changes in the skin, so patience is not optional. Depending on how deep the lines are you can expect anywhere between 3 and 10 days of visible evidence where you were treated. However, you are able to cover with makeup after the 72 hour mark.

General skin laxity can be addressed with AGNES RF as well. Loose skin around the upper and lower eyelids shrink under the heat of radio frequency. The contraction of tissue is immediate and visible...think Shrinky Dinks (if you remember those). A similar protocol can be used to tack up lax skin in the cheek and jowl area. This is not a replacement for facelift surgery, but it can prolong the need for it. Much like the downtime for fat destruction, you can expect swelling, tenderness, and potentially some spot bruising that can last up to a week, but you can use makeup to cover at the 72 hour mark.

Going back to its original claim to fame, AGNES RF is a rock star tool for the treatment of acne. I have a bit of a cult following of teenage boys who have avoided the use of Accutane for their severe acne because of how successfully they’ve been treated with AGNES RF. Using micro-insulated needles to protect the surface of the skin, the tip of the needle releases radio frequency energy targeting and destroying the sebaceous gland in the pore. No more sebaceous glands, equals no more active acne.

Sometimes, by the time I see a patient they have already developed some scarring. Guess what, Agnes RF can also treat scars! Focused energy is applied to release the tethered scar tissue beneath the skin while collagen and elastin are repaired resulting in a dramatically improved scar. Patients can expect a few days of redness, swelling and tenderness. If we are treating active acne and not just scars, a round of antibiotics and a follow-up appointment two days after treatment will be necessary.

But wait, there’s more...the late night infomercial hosts of the 1990’s are green with envy. It doesn’t slice, dice or make julienned fries, but it does treat small growths called syringomas. These small benign tumors that form in sweat glands look like little solid white, yellow or skin toned bumps. They are otherwise harmless albeit unsightly. Traditionally, syringomas require procedures like electrocautery, excision, or chemical and laser treatments which can leave scars or cause undesired pigmentation changes. AGNES RF kills the root of the cell overgrowth to permanently destroy it while maintaining the integrity of the surface of the skin. Slight swelling and redness for 24-48 hours after treatment is normal.

Because AGNES RF is a treatment for localized trouble spots, it may be recommended in combination with other devices that address skin laxity or pigmentation in a more global manner. A thorough consultation to establish candidacy prior to treating is important. During your consultation, your provider will explain how it works, what to expect, and you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you might have. I am currently offering complimentary virtual and in-person consultations, but if you are out of the area a quick search for “AGNES RF near me” will steer you in the right direction.

To schedule a virtual consultation please email me at: For in-office consultations please call the office at: 480.947.6788.

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