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I want to talk a little bit about the choice to have a procedure or treatment. In every consultation, it is my goal to help you reach YOUR skin health goals. If you ask me what I think you should do, I will hand you a mirror and ask you to point out the thing or things that bother you the most. I'll make recommendations based on your lifestyle, timeline, and budget. What I won't do, is point things out that you haven't mentioned, but may bother you later. Chances are, if we get great results addressing one issue, then we will work together in the future should you find another concern. When all is said and done, you have to look in the mirror and feel good about the reflection looking back at you. To that point, please know that I only want to know what you are interested in working on, not what anyone else thinks you should change. I'm always astounded by statements like "My husband/daughter/sister/wife thinks I should not do this, or I should do that" I'm not interested in what anyone wants but you. Don't get me wrong I respect my husband's opinion and our joint finances, but he also respects my decisions when it comes to caring for my skin. This stuff is personal. It is never ok for someone else to tell you that you need to have a procedure and it is equally not ok for someone else to tell you you shouldn't have a procedure. The choice should be yours and yours alone. If you do solicit the opinion of friends or family, please make sure they are educated on how the procedure in question works, and that they receive all pertinent information prior to giving their thoughts. My favorite is when patients are told not to "fill their lips with botox" or "Botox is botulism" Botox is neither a filler nor is it botulism...educate them if you want their opinions. In a time when information is plentiful, easily accessed and often confusing or contradictory, how can you be sure your getting accurate knowledge-based material?

Start with the obvious source...your provider. You should feel comfortable asking any question you have and you should feel like it is being answered to your satisfaction before making any commitment. If you are looking for more, the manufacturer of the device or product you are looking into will have lots of resources. Remember that these devices and products are medical-grade, FDA regulated and generally come with treatment guidelines and contraindications, so the data on their websites is totally unbiased. I highly discourage looking up personal reviews online because you are getting the opinion of a stranger that usually has no clinical understanding of the treatment they are reviewing. I see it all the time!


Starseeker1539 (fictitious) says "don't waste your money on a micropeel. They don't do anything! It's been a week and I never had any peeling."Here's the thing, traditional peels produce visible skin sloughing 3 days after the peel is administered, but a Micropeel's main claim to fame, and why it is arguably one of the absolute best in-office maintenance treatments, is its ability to give you the results of a mild peel without residual peeling. That means that all of the work is done in the treatment room....NO DOWNTIME! Starseeker1539 has no way of knowing that if it wasn't properly explained to her in consultation.

It all comes down to how much trust you have in your provider to help you formulate and carry out a treatment plan. Once your concerns are identified, we will recommend the most efficient tool for the job. Please don't come in and insist that you want a particular procedure because you saw a hollywood star's picture from the red carpet and their skin looked amazing and that's what they had done. Everyone's skin is different. They are wearing makeup. They likely have had many different treatments, this is just one of them. We will help you figure out what will work best for's what we do. Like any other occupation, we have tools of our trade that function in different ways for different purposes. Sometimes their functionality overlaps, but there is almost always one treatment that stands out as the most desirable option. Think of it like this: If there were an unwanted nail stuck in your wall you could probably get that nail out with a screwdriver, but you might damage the surrounding drywall and or paint. The more efficient tool is the claw of a hammer, so of course that is what you would use. You should also know that none of the in-office procedures we perform are one-and-done magical fix-all solutions. Many require multiple treatments and some level of preparation and good home care to maintain. Often, multiple devices have to be employed to address all of your concerns. Are you hearing cha-ching, cha-ching ringing through your brain? Of course all of this costs money, but a good provider will help you figure out how to get the ball rolling within your means. You can work together over time to set up a plan for future procedures as they fit into your budget.

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The relationship you build with your aesthetician should be one of trust. You should look for a provider whose opinion you respect. You shouldn't ever get a"used car salesman" vibe. There are varying degrees of education and professionalism within our industry and it is not in any way insulting for you to ask for our credentials. Once you find the right person, stick with them. The more we work with your skin, the better your outcome will be because we are better able to predict how it will respond to a treatment or procedure. Be honest about your expectations so we can temper them if need be. Tell us if you are unhappy so we can adjust appropriately. We want to give you the best experience and results possible! That is all. I'll hop off of my soapbox now.

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