Meet My Good Friend Scarlet

Let me tell you a little bit about Scarlet. She and I have become pretty close since meeting in March 2019. She is tall, slender, and attractive, but she does have a mean streak! Despite her nasty side, she’s a good friend to have. She will bring out the best in you, but she’ll use tough love to get you there. She has perfected her craft and is extremely successful too. I’m speaking, of course, about Scarlet SRF microneedling with radio frequency.

Scarlet is a machine, developed by world-renowned physician Dr. Jongju Na, that uses groundbreaking technology and superior engineering to create a long-lasting lifting and firming response within skin. This type of microneedling is not just for the face; it can be used anywhere on the body! Yep, you read that correctly, we can give a tune up to any of the skin on your body. With swift precision this device delivers the optimal amount of radio frequency energy to the deeper tissues of the dermis causing contraction of elastin fibers and repairing the aged architecture of the skin. The secret to Scarlet’s success is in the specially milled needles that cause energy to release from the very tip of each pin driving it deep into the reticular dermis where true improvement can happen.

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How it Works:

When you arrive at our office, we will have a thorough consultation to make sure you are a good candidate for the treatment. We will discuss medical history, medications, benefits of the procedure, potential side effects, and alternative treatments. Once we have gone through all of that information, you will be given an informed consent to sign. Next is photos. In order to quantify your results, we need good “before” pictures. We do not use your photos for any purpose other than documentation in your chart without your permission. With all of the preliminary formalities are out of the way we can get you cleansed and put numbing cream on so you don’t have to feel the full wrath of Scarlet’s mean streak. It takes about 45-60 minutes to get good and numb, so plan to be in the office for a full 2 hours or more depending on the area we are treating. When you pass my “pokey or dull test” we can start your treatment. There is a soft melodic ding with each release of energy that tells us we are clear to move to the next pulse. A mechanical pace set by your provider will allow you to anticipate the needles poke. The depth and power, which are tunable, can be adjusted throughout your procedure to accommodate the changing depths of each area being worked on. Because you are numb, the majority of your procedure won’t hurt, but there is the occasional “zinger”, so you can relax but maybe don’t plan on napping while we treat.

Once we are finished, you will be given written post care instructions that we will also go over verbally so you can ask any questions you might have. We will also apply a semi-occlusive barrier cream to help protect the treated skin and keep it hydrated. Fun fact: moist skin heals faster and better than dry skin. We’ll give you post care products to help you heal quickly and instruct you on how to use them.

Speaking of healing, I imagine you want to know what that process looks and feels like. Immediately after your procedure you should expect to feel warm like a sunburn. You will likely be a little red and slightly swollen for about 24-48 hours. After your redness and swelling go down you are able to return to your normal skincare and makeup routine. That’s pretty much it! You may see small dots or poke marks if you look very closely or use a magnifying mirror, but they won’t be visible to the general public. The dots can last up to two weeks and can be covered with makeup after the initial 24-48 hours. You will need to refrain from workouts, hot tubs, saunas, steam rooms and hot showers for the first 24 hours. Keeping your core body temperature down allows the heat we just plugged in to dissipate preventing pigmentation changes from being an issue, so plan accordingly. Pigment changes in the skin are almost always a concern after treatment, so you should do your best to avoid the sun and stay out of the heat. If you need to be in the sun for any reason, try to keep it brief and use physical blockers like hats and visors while driving. After 24 hours you can use Sunscreen. Follow your post care instructions and if you have a question, you can call us.

Results from any collagen remodeling treatment whether it Scarlet SRF or any other product or device will take 3-6 MONTHS to see. This is just how long the process takes. Some people report visible results sooner than others, but there is nothing that we can do to speed up your body’s natural processes for building collagen and elastin. In short, be patient.

Keep your expectations realistic. This technology has been touted as a “non-surgical facelift”. It results in exceptional lifting and tightening, but it is not a surgical result. Your provider should help you decide if Scarlet SRF will give you the outcome you are looking for, or if you should be considering surgical intervention.

Scarlet SRF will have visible improvement with each treatment, but we recommend a series of three spaced 4-6 weeks apart to get optimal results. The treatments are is reasonably priced given the results they deliver with a bit of a discount when you pre-purchase a package. A little birdie told me that there is a smoking deal coming from next month (September 2020) on Scarlet SRF treatments. If you are out of the area and need to find a provider a simple Google search of “Scarlet SRF near me” will tell you which providers in your area offer this amazing technology.

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If you are in the area (Phoenix, AZ Metro), you can email me to request a complimentary virtual or in-person consultation at

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