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Technologies in the skincare industry are changing rapidly. It seems like I get an email almost daily introducing a new amazing device that will treat every skincare concern known to man. A lot of it is garbage. Every once in a blue moon though, there's lightning in a bottle, and a ground-breaking treatment comes to market. NeoGen Plasma PSR is one such procedure. Using Nitrogen plasma, deeper layers of the skin are restructured and restored to their former youthful state of being. What is this magical plasma I speak of? Hold onto your hats because I'm about to get really nerdy.

Plasma is the fourth state of matter. Gasses can be converted to plasma by stripping away a number of its electrons. This changes the temperature and density of the gas. When it comes to skin, plasma is utilized to regenerate the specific anatomy of the skin responsible for maintaining its structure. NeoGen Plasma PSR, specifically, is the use of Nitrogen gas excited by radio frequency energy to ionize and convert to plasma. When applied to the skin, this process allows us to stimulate collagen and elastin, whittle down lines and wrinkles and suppress pigment production while the surface of the skin stays intact, acting as a dressing until the skin under it is re-epithelialized. The procedure requires anesthetics ranging from topical Lidocaine cream to injectable nerve blocks depending on energy levels chosen. Rest assured though; you can expect to be kept very comfortable. Once the deeper layers of the skin are healed, the surface skin sheds, revealing the beautiful skin beneath. The healing process takes between 3 and 10 days depending on the amount of correction needed. Full results won't be seen for up to 6 months because that's just how long it takes your body to produce collagen. This is a great option for anyone wanting a comprehensive solution to aging. That's not all this wonder device can do; there are treatment protocols for acne scarring, rosacea, and superficial lesion removal as well.

Healing process days 1-4 mid level treatament of the forhead and eyes Note:full results are visible between 4 and 6 months post procedure

Before and 1 year After Full Face NeoGen PSR High Energy Treatment

My practice, Stephen P. Beals, MD Skin and Laser Center, is proud to be one of few in the Phoenix metro area to have this technology available. During the month of April, you can pre-purchase this procedure at 50% OFF to be completed by 6/30/2020. If you are not sure whether you'd need a light, medium, or deep treatment I am available for complimentary Zoom consultations by appointment. Send me a chat message here, or email me directly at to schedule.

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