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There's a little cart that holds a fantastic little machine and it makes its way from treatment room to treatment room and saves the day when nothing else seems to work. It's a device called LamProbe. LamProbe is a radio frequency energy device that utilizes disposable sterile attachments to correct a multitude of minor skin conditions, irregularities and growths. I've talked about this before, but as we age, there are lots of little unsightly barnacles that grow on skin. Most of these lesions can be removed with little to no downtime and in 3-5 seconds of active treatment time per lesion.

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Let's explore the types of skin irregularities this wonder device can treat. Vascular irregularities are very common in sun damaged skin and can make skin appear dull and rashy. Telangiectasia or dilated capillaries, area small superficial blood vessels whose vessel walls are stretched out and no longer functioning properly. They appear most often around the nose chin and cheeks but can be found anywhere on the body. Capillaries that are distended are visible and tend to present as red and purple vessels. Eliminating these pesky vascularities can be tricky, but when they are shut down properly the body absorbs any debris and the skin appears clear, and healthy.

Telangiectasia or Dilated Capillaries

Cherry Angiomas are small hereditary spots of collected blood appearing as either red or purple. It is common to see them on the trunk of the body, neck and face, but they can be found anywhere and are sometimes slightly raised. Cherry angiomas are not difficult to treat with several different types of energy, but the easiest, in my opinion, is LamProbe. With a few small taps of the handpiece, treated spots will turn black and the body will absorb the leftover tissue and blood leaving no trace of the offending dot behind.

Cherry Angioma

Spider Naevi or spider angiomas are commonly found in women and tend to be associated with hormonal changes like pregnancy or the introduction of oral contraceptives, but can also appear in liver disease patients or as a result of injury. Their name is indicative of their appearance. Spider Naevi present as a small, bright red, tightly clustered network of capillaries that radiate out into leg or web-like individual vessels. Again, treatment can be quickly and easily administered with LamProbe to eliminate the creepy crawly looking lesion.

Spider Naevi or Spider Angioma

Sebaceous hyperplasia are a white to yellow colored growth of skin found in areas where sebaceous glands are most active such as the T-zone (forehead nose and chin). They tend to look like a doughnut shaped white head, and when left untreated can become larger looking more like cauliflower. LamProbe treatment uses high level radio frequency to vaporize the papules. In a few short days the area heals and is good as new.

Sebaceous Hyperplasia

Xanthalasma, or Cholesterol Deposits are deposits of lipid found around the eyes of patients who have a predisposition to higher cholesterol levels. These benign yellowish white lesions are found toward the inner part of the eye. Although they present no risk, and don't effect the function of the eye or eyelids, they can be a sign of underlying health issues and can cause discomfort over time. We are able to easily remove them with small effort using LamProbe, but encourage patients to check in with their doctor and have annual checkups to monitor overall health.

Xanthalasma, or Cholesterol Deposits

Milia are small deposits of keratin, the protein found in skin and hair, that are hard and white like a small pearl, but definitely not as pretty. There has been some debate over the cause of these little cysts, but more often than not I find that they are hereditary. Milia can sometimes be removed manually by creating a small opening in the skin covering the deposit and popping them out, but in some cases, where there are clusters of milia, LamProbe can very efficiently eradicate the bumps swiftly and with minimal discomfort.


Seborrheic Keratosis is a raised tan to brown or even black plaque that forms on the body during middle age. They are a result of an over-production of keratinized cells. These scaly wart-like plateaus don't carry any risk, but are cosmetically undesirable. The use of radio frequency energy from LamProbe is precise and can eradicate Seborrheic Keratosis in short order.

Seborrheic Keratosis

Fibromas are also a result of an excess of keratin. These benign tumors can be flat or raised and connected by a "neck" or peduncle. Smaller fibromas are often known as skin tags. LamProbe is used to cauterize the blood vessels that supply the lesion causing it to turn black and fall off over a period of days.

Fibroma or Skin Tags

As you can see, LamProbe is a very versatile tool in the treatment room. If you have 1-3 "barnacles" that you would like to see disappear and you have an appointment already set, you can call the office and just ask to extend the appointment duration by 15 minutes. If you have more than 3 lesions it might be better to make a separate appointment allowing time for numbing and treatment so you can remain comfortable throughout the procedure. If you aren't local you can simply Google "LamProbe near me" to find a nearby provider. Like the removal of a skin tag, I will keep this post short and simple.

To schedule a complimentary consultation, you can email me at or call the office at 480.947.6788.

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